Zipping up a complete Project

At the end of your project you will want to package up all of your documents into a format that is suitable for submission to a certification authority.  This is one of the primary functions of ODS Track that can save a lot of time on a project.

To package up all of your documents then just go to the "My Documents" page and select the "Admin -> Get all Zipped" operation from the admin drop-down menu at the top.  

The resulting zip-file is a package of all the project documents which are ordered in a logical directory-tree.  Often this directory tree will be suitable as it is for submission directly to a certification body, however you can also use small scripts or "macros" to scan and re-structure this document tree as required. 

If you require assistance with scanning, compiling or re-structuring the document tree into a different format then please contact us and we can assist.

Please be patient:  as large projects with a lot of documents can take a long time to get zipped.