2-Stage Approvals

Two-stage Approvals and Team Management

In larger projects it is often useful to be able to control how documents are delegated through to various design and construction team members.  

An obvious example of this is the case of an as-built type project where many Sub-Contractors might report to a single Head Contractor.  In this case it is useful for the Head Contractor to be able to have some control over the delegation and responsibilities assigned to his Sub-Contractors.  Another example is in the case of large projects where several Project Managers or Engineering Managers will be assigned to manage various parts of the projects.  In this case there might be various Engineering disciplines such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineers which report to a single Engineering Design Manager while others such as Civil and Hydraulics might report to a different Engineering Design Manager.

In all these cases the Head Contractor (or Engineering Manager) is a kind of "mini-administrator" and has some level of control over his sub-disciplines, these are called "Approvers" in ODS Track because documents that are uploaded by sub-disciplines require their Approval before moving on to a higher level.  However, the top-level (ESD Consultant or other) still must have the power to veto and override the decisions made by these individuals.  This level of control is handled in ODS Track by the "Approver" functionality.

What is an Approver?

An Approver is like a mini-administrator as mentioned above.  An administrator can do the following operations:

How do I create an Approver?

Its easy to create an Approver.  Simply:

  1. go to the Project Homepage;
  2. select a lowest-level Discipline which you would like to report to the Approver (such as Hydraulic Contractor) and click "edit" next to the Discipline name
  3. In the drop-down box labelled "Approver" select the Discipline which will manage this sub-discipline (such as Head Contractor) and click "Save"

You should now notice in the Project Homepage that the Head Contractor discipline is listed with its various sub-disciplines below.  You can create and edit Disciplines as required to get the correct project structure.

What happens after an Approver is assigned?

Sticking with our example from above, the following will happen when an Approver is assigned to a discipline:

Can Approvers delete documents?

No. An approver is not able to delete documents, they can only create documents and/or re-shuffle responsibilities between existing documents.  The reason for this is because they could then, in theory, delete documents that were originally set up by the Project Admin for a sub-consultant.  

If an Approver would like to delete documents it is suggested that they leave a comment on the Document stating the reason why the document should be deleted.  Project Admins receive email notification of all comments and thus are able to review and delete the document accordingly.   

If there are a large number of documents to be deleted by the Approver then they can generate a CSV report in the "Document Report" page (button at the top-left of the page).  This can then be opened up in Excel or another spreadsheet application and marked-up accordingly with documents to be deleted.  This can then be emailed to a Project Admin for review and they can finalize the deletion.