Bulk Editing Documents

Sometimes a Project Admin will want to be able to edit many documents en-masse.  The ODS Track system allows Project Admins to edit the Due Dates as well as change Document Disciplines in bulk through the My Documents page and in the Admin Operations menu of each Package (or Credit).

Mass Edits in the My Documents page

In order to make these changes simply filter the documents by Discipline and/or Status using the drop-down menus at the top of the page.  You can then select "Set Due Dates" or "Change Discipline" in the "Admin Operations" drop-down menu.

Note: Ensure that you carefully read the warning when proceeding with bulk-edits, particularly with regards to editing the discipline of multiple documents.  When changing document disciplines it is possible to group many documents into one single Discipline.  It would then be very difficult to separate these documents back out into the original discipline-groups.  When you make the edit there is a warning message with suggestions for other methods to possibly achieve the same outcome.  Please try these first before doing a bulk-discipline edit as the other methods might preserve the original document-classifications and allow you to reverse your changes more readily.

Bulk edits in the Package (Credit) page

In any credit page you can select the "Admin Operations" drop-down menu to make bulk edits to the documents related to that Package.  When setting up a tracker in the early stages, the most useful of these is the "Delete Multiple Documents" option.  This will present you with a list of the documents which you can check or un-check to delete accordingly.  This is a quick way to rapidly filter out the unneeded default provided documents for a particular package.