Getting started


ODS Track is a document and submission management framework. It was originally created to assist in management of the vast amount of documentation that generally accompanies a submission for environmental rating systems. However it is robust enough to handle almost any application where documents must be requested from multiple parties.

The system has a powerful template-management system.  If you decide to change or adjust any of our pre-configured templates then you may create your own template which can be used internally for all future projects.  Similarly, you can just as easily start from scratch and create you own templates for any project type... not just for sustainable ratings of buildings but also general document management or QA processes.

The framework comes pre-configured with Green Star templates for most existing tools and point-score optioneering, document tracking and full project correspondence history can be maintained on the system. There are also templates for  LEED while BREEAM and other systems will be implemented in the very near future.

Design philosophy

The idea of the system as a whole is not to be overly specific to Green Star, LEED, BREEAM, LBC or whatever...  but rather to provide a robust and flexible framework for managing the submission, review, status and discussion history related to all intellectual property associated with any project.  A key concept is that all intellectual property and knowledge is preserved and may be published and inherited into future projects so that it is built-upon thus growing and improving over time.

System structure

The commenting system