Editing tracker documents

After you have created a new tracker from a template you will generally want to adjust or "clean-up" the tracker to make it more suited to your particular project.

You usually only have to delete documents for each credit.  This is because when we create a template, we add all possible documents that may ever be required for that credit.  The reason for this is because its faster to delete documents from a tracker than it is to add them.  Therefore it is expected that you go through the tracker and remove irrelevant documentation - but you may still also have to add a few documents as the project requires.

Follow these steps to copy, edit or delete documents:

  1. Enter the tracker and clicking on the appropriate category and then credit.  At the bottom of the credit page you will see a list of documents that are required for that credit.
  2. Click on the "Admin" dropdown menu button at the top of the document list and select "Delete Multiple Documents".  You will get a list of these documents with a checkbox next to them.  Select the documents that you want removed from the tracker and click the "Save" button.
  3. Often that will be all that is required.  However if you need to further modify the document list or add documents then you can further fine-tune and edit the list as follows:
    1. Select "Admin -> Add a new document" from the drop-down menu to add a new document.
    2. If you want to edit or clone individual documents then at the top-right hand of each document (next to the coloured status-box) you will see the buttons "copy | edit | delete".  Click on these to either:
      1. copy a document within the credit (this is useful for if you have many similar documents, you can then edit the cloned-document)
      2. edit the title, description or discipline responsible for that document
      3. delete the document.
    3. NOTE:  If you have the same document that is required from different disciplines or if you have the same document that is required multiple times with different deadlines then it is often faster to "copy" that document and then go through each of the copied documents and "edit" the Discipline or Due Date.

Reinstating default documents

If you have accidentally deleted a document and want to bring it back from the original template then simply:

  1. Click on the dropdown-menu entitled "Admin options" to the right of the "Documents Required" heading in that credit.  
  2. Select the option "reinstate default documents (from template)".  This will bring back ALL of the default documents from the template. 

Bulk-addition of documents (from spreadsheet)

If you have a lot of documents which you would like to upload from your own spreadsheet then you can do this as follows:

  1. Click on the dropdown-menu entitled "Admin options" to the right of the "Documents Required" heading in that credit and select "Add multiple documents from spreadsheet".
  2. Prepare the spreadsheet in Excel, Openoffice, Libreoffice or any other spreadsheet application with the headings "Title", "Description", "DueDate" and "Discipline" at the top-row (row A) of the first four columns.  Enter the document details in the rows under these headings.
  3. Export the spreadsheet from your spreadsheet application as a CSV-format.
  4. Upload the CSV file to the page and click the "Submit" button.

Note that any documents which have errors in the due-date or for which a valid Discipline is not found in the project will not be created.