We are dedicated to creating the most powerful, robust, flexible and low-cost building simulation and design tools through maximising the full potential of open-source software.

With software designed by professionals for professionals. Leverage the full power of open-source in your work-flow with enhanced batch-processing, full support for multi-processing and unlimited scalability.

Control your work-flow and extend functionality yourself. With unlimited potential to extend and build upon the code-base you have control to make your computer finally do its real job: work for you.

Manage the design team, deliverables and QA with the cloud. Suitable for Green Star, LEED, BREEAM and other green building rating systems or make your own system.
Carry out rapid whole building energy analyses to forecast building energy consumption and HVAC system performance.
Simulate air flow, temperature distribution and pollutant transfer with advanced CFD analysis. For Green Star credits: Air Change Effectiveness.
Rapid daylight modelling with Radiance. Simulate a large number of zones using batch-processing of cut-planes and high performance computing.
Simulate outdoor Urban Comfort using a combination of CFD, Radiance and weather-file analysis.
Calculate pay-back periods for green initiatives with the Net Present Value calculator.