Sharing a template

Currently there are two ways to share templates:

  1. The first and most common method is to share templates within a company
    • In order to do this you must ensure that you have set up a company profile
    • After you have set up a company profile then any users that are members of that company profile (have been invited in and accepted the invite) will be able to see the company-templates at the top of the list when they create a new tracker under the heading "<COMPANY NAME> TEMPLATES".  The default public-provided templates are still available at the bottom of the list under the heading "PUBLIC TEMPLATES".
    • In order for your company to easily maintain their templates it is suggested that a specific project is created for managing templates called "Company Templates" or similar. 
    • Trusted "template-administrators" can be invited into that project as administrators and can work collaboratively on editing and maintaining templates.
  2. The second method is to create a Public Template which is available to everyone who uses the system:
    • Currently public templates must be vetted by ODS Engineering to ensure a high level of quality prior to publication.
    • If you have a new rating system or QA methodology which you would like to share publicly on ODS Track then please contact us to arrange creation and publication of the template.