Paid Modules

Installation of Paid Modules

Some professional non-free modules are available for a small monthly subscription fee to support further development.  These modules provide additional features that are appealing to power users such as: the ability to do large-scale batch Radiance calculations and processing; additional boundary conditions and complex solvers for Virtual Wind Tunnel and Urban Comfort Mapping applications and more.

The paid modules are linked to licenses purchased on this website.  When you first use a paid module, and you have licenses available, a license is assigned to your computer hardware and checked against purchase history on this site periodically.   As such, you must have an internet connection to be able to use the paid modules.

The license is linked to your computer hardware.  If you would like to transfer the license to a new piece of hardware then please go here and unlink the license from your hardware.

Installation of the paid modules is very simple.  Follow the steps below to install a paid module.

  1. When you click a download link for one of the paid module in the downloads page you will first be directed to subscribe.  You must have an active subscription for the module to be able to download a paid module.  Follow the prompts to buy one or many license subscription for your relevant module from the downloads page. A license is linked to your computer hardware so if you intend to run ODS Studio across multiple machines then you will need a license for each machine.
  2. After you have subscribed, click on the download link and this time you will be able to download the relevant module and its dependant modules and place them in the "2.63/scripts/addons" directory at your Blender install location
  3. Get a license key from here and save this to the same directory.  Important: this key is derived from your user account on this website.  Therefore if you change password then please remember to get a new license key and overwrite the old one.
  4. Start up ODS and start the new modules as normal

Changing your machine hardware

From time to time you will get a new piece of computer hardware and want to transfer your license to a new machine.  In this case simply do the following:

  1. Log in to this website and navigate to "Tools->ODS Studio->My Licenses".  Here you will be able to see a list of all the licenses you are subscribed to. 
  2. Press the "Release" link next to the licenses that you want to unlock from your existing computer.  You will see the "Machine ID" get removed from that license.
  3. Start up the ODS Studio modules from your new hardware.  Upon starting up the licenses will become linked to your new hardware.

Unsubscribing from a paid module

If you would like to unsubscribe from the paid module then please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the downloaded paid module from your "2.63/scripts/addons" directory of your Blender installation
  2. Go to and navigate to "My Account -> Profile -> My Money" and click the "Update" link next to "My pre-approved payments".  Click on the subscription order and then click the "Cancel" link to cancel that subscription.