<H2>Important Feature Updates on ODS Track: Email Settings</H2> <p><p>To all ODS Track Administrators,</p> <p>Over the weekend we have rolled out the "Email Settings" feature of ODS Track. You can now fine-tune control over who gets particular types of emails from the ODS Track system. Project Administrators can access the Email Settings for a project from the Project Homepage under the "Admin -&gt; Email Settings" dropdown menu in the top navigation bar.</p> <p>Further details of the Email Settings feature are included in the documentation pages here:<br /> <a href="https://www.ods-track.com/tools/ods-track/documentation/advanced-features/email-settings/">https://www.ods-track.com/tools/ods-track/documentation/advanced-features/email-settings/</a></p> <p>As always we appreciate any feedback you may have or notifications regarding unexpected behaviour or possible bugs.</p> <p><strong>Note:</strong> We have not allowed individuals to control their own settings. This has been done to avoid the situation where someone might turn off all email notifications for themselves against the wishes of the Project Administrators. The best way for an individual project member to turn off certain email notifications is to communicate this to one of the Project Administrators directly who can then adjust their settings accordingly.</p> <p><strong>Helpful tip:</strong> We also advise all Project Administrators to regularly check the "<em>Email Statistics</em>" page. This page gives feedback on the number and type of emails which are issued as well as responses and bounce-backs for each project member. Monitoring these statistics will give you a good gauge as to the effectiveness of your strategy for setting due dates and issuing reminders and overdue notices. Simply setting a due-date for a short time period and flooding the project team with overdue notices will likely not be very effective and will desensitise the project team to the overdue notices. For example: If you find a large number of overdue notices are being issued to a particular individual then you may want to consider contacting communicating with that person and understanding the cause of the delays and adjust the due-dates and overdue-reminder frequency accordingly.</p> <p>Regard,</p> <p>Mark Pitman</p></p> <p class="fright"><small>11/10/2016 | 09:05:44</small></p> <br><br>