<H2>New Rating Tool Templates Available in ODS Track</H2> <p><p>Dear ODS Track Administrators,</p> <p>New templates are now available in ODS Track for the <strong>Singaporean Green Mark tool</strong>. Templates are available for the <strong>current v4.1</strong> tool as well as the <strong>very new v5 PILOT</strong>. The templates are avilable under the "PUBLIC TEMPLATES" dropdown when you create a new tracker and are labelled as follows:</p> <ul> <li>Green Mark for Residential Building (RB 4.1)</li> <li>Green Mark for New Buildings (Non-Residential) 2015 PILOT (R0)</li> </ul></p> <p class="fright"><small>14/09/2015 | 09:59:22</small></p> <br><br>