<H2>Important Updates to ODS Track</H2> <p><p>To all ODS Track Administrators,</p> <p>This is to inform you of important updates to the ODS Track system which were rolled out today the 2nd of July 2015.&nbsp; The following update has been rolled out:</p> <h3>New document status: "Not for Submission"</h3> <p>Project Administrators can now mark documents as "Not for Submission" which has the color-code of <strong>GREY</strong>.&nbsp; The following points should be noted when using this feature:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Existing trackers will not be affected by this change </strong>- Additional fields appear in the Discipline Report and other reports only after at least one document has been marked as "Not for Submission".&nbsp; Existing trackers that have no documents marked as "Not for Submission" will see no difference in their interface.</li> <li><strong>Documents marked as "Not for Submission" will be pulled-down into a sub-directory called "NFS"</strong> when you pull down all documents with the "Get all zipped" command.&nbsp; So for example, A document in tracker 228 with a document marked as Not for Submission in the MAN-01 credit will be placed in the following directory in the zip package:</li> <ul> <li>"<em>/Green Star 2014 Design &amp; As-built/Managment/MAN-01 Green Star Accredited Professional/<strong>NFS</strong>/003-Document Title.pdf</em>"</li> </ul> <li>You can filter documents as per normal in the "My Documents" and "Document Report" pages.&nbsp; An additional status has been included at the end called "Not for Submission"</li> <li>Once a document has been marked as "Not for Submission" then a new column will be added to the "Discipline Report" which shows the number of documents marked as "Not for Submission".&nbsp; This column will appear as the <strong>Second Column</strong> (before the "Nothing Recieved" column).</li> </ul> <p>If you have any queries regarding this new feature please don't hesitate to contact Mark Pitman or Tom Beckerling.</p> <h3>About ODS Track</h3> <p>The ODS Track document mangement system is is a document and submission management framework which centralises and automates a large amount of document gathering, filing; reviewing and associated emailing of comments and reminders. On a typical Green Star Design v3 project it has been demonstrated to reduce the administrative burden of several thousands of emails of comments and reminders; automate filing and management of several hundred documents; increase the round 1 result and obtain the rating faster.&nbsp;<em><strong> If you would like to adopt ODS Track on your project then please respond to this email or contact us through our website to set up a company account which will give you unlimited access to the system.</strong></em></p> <p><em>You are recieving this email because you on the ODS Track system as a Project Administrator.&nbsp; If you would like to stop receiving these emails please log into the ODS Track system and remove yourself as a project administrator or simply reply to this email for assistance.</em></p></p> <p class="fright"><small>01/07/2015 | 23:15:50</small></p> <br><br>