Important Updates to ODS Track

To all ODS Track Administrators,

This is to inform you of important updates to the ODS Track system which were rolled out today the 2nd of July 2015.  The following update has been rolled out:

New document status: "Not for Submission"

Project Administrators can now mark documents as "Not for Submission" which has the color-code of GREY.  The following points should be noted when using this feature:

If you have any queries regarding this new feature please don't hesitate to contact Mark Pitman or Tom Beckerling.

About ODS Track

The ODS Track document mangement system is is a document and submission management framework which centralises and automates a large amount of document gathering, filing; reviewing and associated emailing of comments and reminders. On a typical Green Star Design v3 project it has been demonstrated to reduce the administrative burden of several thousands of emails of comments and reminders; automate filing and management of several hundred documents; increase the round 1 result and obtain the rating faster.  If you would like to adopt ODS Track on your project then please respond to this email or contact us through our website to set up a company account which will give you unlimited access to the system.

You are recieving this email because you on the ODS Track system as a Project Administrator.  If you would like to stop receiving these emails please log into the ODS Track system and remove yourself as a project administrator or simply reply to this email for assistance.

01/07/2015 | 23:15:50