Our Projects

Here are a few interesting projects we have been involved with.

Urban Modelling

Wind and Comfort

Our unique modelling method allows for rapid calculation of wind from all angles which are paired with hourly wind and weather data to produce a detailed "comfort map" of the urban microclimate. This is achieved rapidly within a timeframe that allows feedback to inform the design process.

Identify problem-areas and regions that will be suitable for various use-factors such as sitting, standing/loitering, walking and other activities.

Car Park Design

Pollutant (CO) Transport

The use of CFD Modelling permits more accurate estimation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) pollution transport and dispersion. This permits greater flexibility in the design and sizing of mechanical ventilation and sometimes complete elimination of mechanical ventilation or mixed-mode systems.

The client generally gets an immediate payback from the CFD process in cost-saving on mechanical plant and ductwork. Further ongoing payback is realised through reduced energy consumption, operating and maintenace costs as well as design efficiencies.

Mining Port Project

Dust lift-off modelling and migitation

Coordination with multiple technical teams to assess the impact of various dust mitigation strategies on the lift-off and transport of dust and its environmental and health-impacts both within and external to the site boundaries.

The outcome of the study enabled greater understanding of the environmental impact of the project and identified significant potential savings for the client (>$100m) over traditional dust mitigation techniques.

High Speed Ship Hydrofoil

Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Analysis

Modelling and analysis of the hydrodynamic stability of a new design of inverted T-hydrofoil for high-speed ship. The project involved the construction of bespoke models and characterization of modal responses using these models.

The results from these analyses allowed the client to identify areas of potentially weakness in the design as well as hazardous operating conditions that they must wary of throughout sea-trials.

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